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Why PORSE In-Home Childcare and Education?

When your family chooses in-home childcare and education, you offer your child an opportunity to have the best start in life. 
In-home childcare and education through PORSE offers your child an alternative to the stress, noise, age-separation, schedules, and staff turnover of a centre.

Research consistently shows us that children who have secure and loving relationships with consistent caregivers in a relaxed and settled environment do best.  While each child is different, recent studies show that children in childcare centres experience heightened stress levels in large groups of children and when they are with unfamiliar or changing caregivers.

Infant brain development and attachment repeatedly tell us that the QUALITY of the relationship they have with their caregivers is the most important thing.

Through PORSE in-home childcare and education your child receives:

Consistency and commitment to you and your child
At PORSE we offer a consistent and committed educator who is able to respond to your child's needs and routine not the needs of running a busy daycare centre.

Safety and security in a settled home environment
PORSE In-home childcare and education is provided in a safe home environment that enables familiarity and stability while using natural play and exploration and the community as a learning playground.

Low ratios of care
PORSE In-home childcare and education provides a maximum of FOUR children in the home which means high levels of personal attention, knowledge and interaction, with less exposure to illness.

Flexibility and responsiveness
PORSE In-home childcare fits with what you want for your child - you choose a caregiver who fits both your child’s needs and your family values, and at PORSE we're flexible around the hours of care you require.

A lifetime of quality relationships
The quality of the relationships we have in our early years are one of the key features that influence us for the rest of our lives - our sense of ourselves and our relationships with others. PORSE is providing a service solution to reach, immerse and support adults raise the next generation of responsible, resilient, competent and contributing members of society.

The best start for learning and developing
PORSE In-home childcare and education through a settled home environment is crucial for unfolding a child's full potential during the critical stages of early brain development. PORSE has returned the responsibilities of nurturing young children back into the hands of family and home.

Employment and professional development
PORSE has established career pathways for educators and parents to develop child focused attitudes, skills and knowledge that will nurture young children for the best start in life.

We're strong on professional development and our in-home programmes support adults learn more about themselves, attachment relationships and how to nurture children during the most important years of play, learning and development.  With the support of PORSE staff, educators work with the family to plan and deliver a programme around each child’s interests, stage of development and care routines. 
Your child's programme will reflect the values and expectations of your family and support their individual learning style, care needs, routines and play.

PORSE organises a variety of activities using the community as our third teacher.  Activities promote friendship and fun, role modelling, observation, reflection of practices, confidence and sharing of information, resources and knowledge. Parents are welcome to attend all organised activities.
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