Monday, February 9, 2009

Nappy Workshops in Hamilton

More Nappy Workshops for 2009
Overview of Nappy Workshop Itinerary for 2009
  • 20th February at 7pm @ Parents Place 87 Boundary Road Hamilton
  • 21th February at 10am @ Parents Place 87 Boundary Road Hamilton
  • 27th March at 7pm @ Parents Place 87 Boundary Road Hamilton
  • 28th March at 10am @ Parents Place 87 Boundary Road Hamilton

The cost of attending is $15 per couple or individual. Limited numbers available.

Huge interest and positive feedback from last year's workshops has led to four more workshops being scheduled for early 2009. Hamilton parents have raved about how informative these seminars are and how it totally took the mystery out of choosing modern cloth nappies.
Both workshops will be presented myself.

These have proven to be very popular especially considering parents want to learn the benefits of cloth nappies for their baby and also how they can save families $1000's and reduce their household’s carbon footprint.

To begin with there will be a 45-55 minute presentation. I will cover:

  • The 5 Main nappy options available to parents today – Disposables, Pre-folds with covers, Pocket nappies, Fitted nappies with covers and All in Ones.
  • Liners and boosters – what are they and why would you use one
  • Fabrics – what modern nappy fabrics are available today?
  • How to choose your nappies – Which one will be suitable for your baby
  • Washing your nappies – You wash your underwear it’s no different

Then I will go through in detail the main styles of cloth nappies available in New Zealand. I explain what is involved in using each system and show how each brand and style is different.

Parents will then have the unique opportunity to try the different nappies for themselves on dolls supplied at 4 nappy stations and I will be open for questions through this time. Parents will be given tips on choosing which system will suit them and their baby.

Best of all, each pregnant mum attending will take home a free pack of nappies that has been supplied by one of the NZNA members and is funded by the Hamilton council. Each pack will be valued at around $70.00.

They will be fun, enlightening and educational workshops. You learn something new everyday so why not come and learn about nappies.

There is a limit of 10 pregnant women plus support person/partner per workshop so registrations are essential. To register please contact me on 07 549 2955 or 027 22 11 242.